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About Us

a person or thing viewed as a model of excellence.

Welcome to Paragon Lashes!

Paragon lashes was founded in 2017 by a new and upcoming eyelash technician. She felt that the Australian market lacked access to high quality eyelashes and eyelash products. Therefore, she went on to build a brand that does exactly that. 

Paragon Lashes provides customers accessibility to high quality eyelashes and eyelash products in the palm of their hands. Whether it be for someone beginning or advanced, we have it all.

Aiming to only penetrate the Australian market we now have hundreds of customers not just all over the country but all over the world from the USA to Canada to Germany and so much more.

The company’s growth is evident of our products but also our services too. We not only provide a constant flow of inventory (15,000+ eyelash trays available at any given time) to ensure our customers are always well stocked but we also have the fastest dispatch time resulting in faster delivery times and we would say our customer service is quite admirable.

We are truly aiming to be a model of excellence within the eyelash industry.