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To prolong the life of your eyelash extension adhesive you must always wipe your adhesive nozzle head after every single use. This ensures that there is no adhesive residue left on your nozzle head that can prevent the lid from closing air tight.

All glue lids must be closed air tight to protect the active chemicals inside. If you allow any build up of adhesive under the lid it will not close air tight which will most definitely affect the adhesives performance. This will result in poor retention or the overall inability to use the adhesive further (extension does not stick to natural eyelash)

Our adhesive wipes are made specifically for cleaning/wiping down your adhesive nozzle head to ensure that there can be no build up of adhesive underneath your lid. Use your adhesive wipe after every single adhesive drop you dispense.

Also, our adhesive wipes are not juse useful for cleaning your adhesive nozzle heads BUT it be extremely useful for clients that get very tearful during eyelash extension application. Just place the adhesive wipe at the end of your clients eyes, underneath the eyepad to help it stay, to help absorb tears. 

1 box contains 170 individual wipes