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All our beautifully handmade premade volume eyelashes assist both beginning and professional eyelash technicians with achieving a “volume” affect without having to fan on the go. This product allows technicians to save time in terms of practice as well as performing services.

Our NEW Extreme Point Premade Volume Eyelash Range is here to make the life of lashing even easier and faster. With it’s extremely thin and pointed base the extension with attach to your clients natural eyelash with ease, just like hand fanning! 

So let’s talk about them. Although similar to our Deluxe Range, there are a one or two things that differ. We would like to disclose those differences here to you before you make a purchase so you are aware and do not feel “mislead” in any way.

1. Made from the same Korean PBT (synthetic silk). The material quality is lesser than our Premium Range but far greater than our Standard Range 

2. Roughly 0.01mm thinner than stated. For instance, 0.10mm is roughly 0.09-0.10mm and 0.07 is roughly 0.06-0.07mm. With this difference the lashes may look "lighter" in colour but they are actually "thinner".

3. Similar in length and curl to our Deluxe Range eyelashes (May be more or less curlier)

4. Heat bonded, although, the base is bonded differently to our Premium Range. Our Premium Range have a more thicker and squared off base whereas our Extreme Point Range has an extremely thinner and pointier base making it far easier to attach to the natural lash. 

For a flawless affect it is advised that you use the same range/brand of prefans for each client and not to mix ranges/brands unless it is of a similar curl/length/quality. Different ranges/brands produce slightly different curls, thicknesses and/or lengths as each product is produced by a different company/factory. 



Please note that each fan is made by hand, thus, each fan will vary from the next and each tray will vary from the other. Although this may be the case when using the fans in a set, the overall results will still look flawless.

Single length trays contains:

120 fans per tray